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PET Plastic Waterproof First Aid Kit


PET Plastic Waterproof First Aid Kit 13 x 21 x 7.5cm

Not All Superheroes are humans! All the essentials you need care for your furry friend. This compact kit range has a selection of first aid items needed for treating minor injuries of your pet. Neat and Weatherproof cases can be wall-mounted for easy accessibility and for use in a range of environments, with protection against water and dust. Durable and well sized for easy storage in small areas.


Kit contains
1x AEROBAN Cohesive Bandage 5.0cm x 4.5M
1x AEROBAN Cohesive Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5M
1x Sterile Large Cotton Balls Bag/5
1x AEROFORM Heavyweight Conforming Bandage 5cm x 4M
1x AEROINSTRUMENTS Disposable Plastic Forceps 10.7cm
1x AEROFORM Short Snake Bite Bandage with Indicator 10cm x 4.5M
2x AEROGLOVE Large Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves Pair/2
1x AEROCOOL Instant Ice Pack 80g
2x AEROPAD Non-Adherent Dressing 7.5 x 10cm
2x AEROPAD Non-Adherent Dressing 5 x 5cm
1x AEROINSTRUMENTS Stainless Steel Sharp/Sharp Scissors 11cm
1x AERORESCUE Thermal Blanket 140cm x 210cm
4x AEROWASH Sodium Chloride Eyewash Ampoule 15ml
1x AEROWOUND No 13 Wound Dressing
1x Red Plastic Tick Twister